hanuman returns

Thanks to those responsible for power-cut at our hostel last night (which ofcourse is not a new thing for us Indians), which compelled us to watch this movie for having nothing else better to do (for those using scratching their heads on how we watched it when the power was not there, we watched it on the laptop!).

Surprisingly, the movie turned out to be really good. It not only reminds you of your childhood, but also makes you aware of the difference in the kid’s understanding at your time and now.

What makes it appealing is its relevance with the today’s world. This is what in my opinion gives it an edge over other such movies. Rather than just portraying those mythological stories on screen, the creators have made the movie fully based on the present scenario. From the I-phone’s touch ‘zoom in’ option which hanuman uses, to brahma’s laptop carrying assistant, the movie has everything that you can relate to the normal life. The best thing is the usage of language, unlike the normal ‘shudh hindi’ types used in such mythological movies which rather go above the heads of kids, they did not mind using the frequently used hinglish words.

Featuring the voices of SRK to gabbar to big B to mogambo, the movie doesn’t just makes you feel relaxed, but also has some important teachings for kids.

The sholay spoofs and other general bollywood spoofs prove that its not only aimed at kids, as they won’t understand them.

Although the animation quality can never match up to those in Hollywood but it is acceptable. And also, last part of the movie is a bit dull. But overall , the movie is a good watch, even if you are not a kid, as apart from entertaining it also imparts some good messages through the best way possible, relating it to god. And for those parents out there, I think this is possibly what you were waiting for to show your kids, once they get some time off, rhyming on the tunes of today’s sex and masala video songs/ movies.

Movie deserves a decent 3.5 out of 5.

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