blogging workshop @ NITT

Blogging is something that is catching up slowly in India. We are not still much into this phenomenon, for I keep facing such questions from my friends as ‘ye kis chidiya ka naam hai?(which bird’s name is this?) and then as usual I try explaining them, showing my technical(or say internetechnical) superiority over them. (as being an engineer, you are supposed to know all these things happening on the internet).

I had heard about rashmi’s blogging workshop in IIIT hyd and IIT kgp and the feedback from IIIT was good. So this was one thing I thought we must have in our campus too, and what better the occasion than in Infotainment section of our department’s technical symposium. And I knew enough bloggers in campus to make sure, that response will be good.

But unfortunately, rashmi bansal was unable to impress the audience as much as one gets after reading her blog or JAM! For the simple reason that the audience didn’t turn out the way she had expected. While in IIIT the audience was around 80% already bloggers and 20% wannabe enthusiasts. The ratio turned out just opposite over here. And not knowing much about blogging, you certainly don’t enjoy watching others go to stage and display their blog and get personal feedbacks.

Although I don’t think of it as a fault on rashmi’s part too, but I certainly think that if you are going to conduct a workshop which is not yet common, its better to be prepared to face audience who expect you to start from the 'ABC' of the phenomenon.

Anyways, I and others who are already into blogging, did get something out of the workshop but by the overall response of the audience, I think it would have been better if we had asked rashmi for a lecture on ‘entrepreneurship’ instead!

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