what are we waiting for?

one of the things you would have surely come across being in india is, how people break the traffic signals/rules. Infact we all have been a part of it sometime or the other. And when it comes to us we say, 'chalta hai yaar, everybody is doing it so why shouldn't I?'
But one more quality of Indians is that they are good followers(yea!). Somewhere in their heart they know, they are doing the wrong thing, but what they need is someone else to show them the way and that too with an example.
If you don't believe me, just do one thing, go to any traffic signal where no one is following it (ofcourse it means, no traffic policeman would be there!) and you stop if the signal is 'red' , for it to go 'green'. And believe me atleast 50% of the ppl would follow you and wait for the signal to go green, who otherwise would have surely broken the rules. And they will definitely follow it atleast for next two signals. You may not have brought a big change but this small change can definitely bring about a big chain reaction.
Many would argue that whats wrong in breaking a signal? As they are expert enough at driving to avoid any accidents, but dude! its not about you. I know you are a good driver, but not everyone is, atleast not all those who will follow you in breaking the signal. So maybe you avoid an accident but wats the gurantee of that person who followed you?
I see people who would give an excuse for the above thing as, the absence of traffic policeman is government's fault.
I accept it is, but isn't it atleast near to enough on their part to atleast put up the traffic signal?
The thing is that, we too are the citizens of the same country, so isn't it our responsibility to follow the rules made for our own benefit?
can't we change this country by taking an initiative ourselves? rather than blaming those in power?
P.S. - I read somewhere that Indians are generally scared of opting for entrepreneurship. I think I 've got the basic reason, its in their blood. Their inability to take initiative!


Ashish said...

dude, u write really well.
good job :)

and cudnt help but feel proud abt u sayin all nice things abt the workshops :)
better things to come this edition of festember!

Viperprofessional said...

Hey dude,

Nice thinking, that's what fosters change (Its true appreciation)
Now If you wait for signal in Mumbai the person behind you will keep honking till you get mad and the ppl who wait is just because they are plain cowards those who do not want to get caught while breaking rules... I have done both, I mean waited for the signal to turn green and also rushed through after it turned red. I don't say that I have done any good deed by breaking rules nor am I happy about that. One more point is its not a requisite to have traffic police at every signal.