wat a happy new year !

what a pleasant start to a new year...? There are loads of forwarded scraps in ur scrapbook and all of them have two lines in common... "HAPPY NEW YEAR" & "CLICK HERE TO SEND SCRAP TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AT ONCE".
It actually started somedays back. I got a scrap wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! frm one of my frends.. and i was shocked to see that.
for a moment i just kept staring at the screen... confused about wht to reply? is it that i forgot my own bday?! or is he wishing me in advance, 4 months before my bday or he's wishing me a belated happy bday after 8 months ! but no it wasn't just me .. he wished happy bday to all his frends !
no no ! the guy is in proper mental condition and has no records of any mental problem as per my knowledge ! But his only mistake was that he clicked on that link saying "send scraps to all your frends at once" and this was the only thing he could think of to send :-D !
i don't understand one thing, wat impression does the other person gets whn he looks at such a scrap, which u 've sent to ur entire friend list. And you might not have thought of this person even once while sending. Then wats the sense?
just tell me, do u ever reply to such msgs?
well, i don't know how long will it take for people to realise that its better to spend some time and send personal scraps to 5 friends instead of just clicking on that sick link and sending it to some 500, with no meaning at all !
but atleast i don't want to see some amateur orkut user sending a scrap saying "MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE !" with that link as bottomline, in my scrapbook some other day !
P.S. - Happy New Year! to those two guys who forwarded the same scrap to their entire friend list including me while i was writing this ! cheers !

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abhishek tiwari said...

well really amusing one...and gives a great moral...i dont know what to talk about the mind of user and thr using procedure but one thing is true that people just forget even their best friends on such occasions .............and one thing is amazing ...no one forget girls ..people even wish them happy world aids day....but i would also like to thank these kind of scraps....for those who has not read this article....there willl be a hope tht somebdy remeber them.....n on this isssue we should also thank to orkut n bday reminders by which at least people get a couple of wishes...