Pocket friendly adventure trips

During my search of finding some of the best options for adventure sports in India, I found a need for resource which might cater the need of advice on options available. So, here is the post, which will help you out if you are planning to do adventure trip.
First, I’ll list the trip organizers which arrange for such programmes, where individuals can participate:

1. YHAI (youth hostels association of India)- - This is one of the best options if you are looking for a 10-15 trip to north India. They organize trekking and mountain biking tours mostly. Very Economic. Total fee (including accomodation) for 15 day trip is in range of Rs. 4000.

2. NIM (Nehru institute of mountaineering, uttarakhand) - - - Very economic 15-30 day courses in mountaineering. Here, demand is high so apply early. And yes, many a times, Sources also work. Total course fee (including accomodation) for 15 day course is in range of Rs. 5000.

3. ABVIMAS Manali (Atal bihari vajpayee institute of mountaineering and allied sports) - Similar to NIM, its also a govt. affiliated body offering economic options. They offer courses in trekking, water sports, skiing etc. Total course fee (including accomodation) for 15 day course is in range of Rs. 5000.

Below are the options available specific activity-wise:

Water rafting -
1. Rishikesh - Arguably the best place in India for river rafting. There are local agents which organize the trip.
2. kolad, kundalika river (3 hrs from mumbai along konkan stretch). There are various local agents organizing your trip and stay there. The agent who organized it for us can be contacted at - - Approx Cost Rs. 500 per head.

Aero sports:
1. - organizes parachuting, paragliding etc. Organizes skydiving camp during october and feb generally at Dheesa, gujarat- Its a 5 day camp, 3 days will be for ground training and 2 days will be for the jumps. These will be solo static line jumps where you will be jumping alone from a height of 3500 feet to 5000 feet - Approx cost for a course of 5 jumps is Rs 60,000 and for 1 jump its Rs 17,500. This cost includes entire training, equipment use, aircraft charges and insurance. It does not include boarding and lodging.

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