Gujarat Vs MP

Boarded a bus at 8pm, had a terrible sleep, thanks to the free bumpy rides offered by the govt. of MP, then I suddenly felt a change early in the morning. No more bumpy rides, well yes, I had entered the land of entrepreneurs, gujarat.
Hailing from a rather blessed-with-unknown-politicians state of MP, I was rather surprised with the amount of contribution government can make towards a state's development. Having been in tamilnadu, where infrastructure has been blessed due to the strategic political support to central governments, I knew MP governments could have done better. But gujarat presents an amazing example, of what a determined government effort can do. Be it the case of roads, attracting foreign investments in industries, organizing Vibrant summits or controlling crime rate, gujarat sets a case to look up for every government. The fact that even girls can roam around freely at 2a.m. without any fear itself projects an image of gujarat as a desirable place to stay in.
On the other side, you have MP, where the commercial capital indore, itself struggles to attracts industries. Inspite of having the potential and advantage of being a strategic location for any company (centre of country!) it represents a poor political will to take stronger steps forward in that direction.
The biggest irony is that both are being governed by BJP, when the central government is of the opposition (in case if MP govt was looking for that excuse!)

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akg_nitt said...

gud read yaar..

a well polished and structured effort

adding to that the construction of gigantic Sardar Vallabh Bhai statue in the pipeline for Gujarat's government's future projects, which is certainly going to add government revenues and its image.
Gujarat clearly is a winner when it comes to State developments in the near past