tiger is free but is the dragon?

So much has been hyped about the India and China's race to the top. There are so many surveys and researches being done to find out that little difference which proves who is going to win. But tell me one thing is this economic growth the only factor we must compare the two countries to decide which is better?
As most of the researches have shown that, growing like as they are in present, china will overtake US to bag the first position and India the second. But hey!!
I don't bother about that. Tell me what is the sense of being rich and prosperous but still not having the freedom to express yourself?
No I’m not talking about Airtel! But what I’m pointing to is the difference in the governments. While India enjoys the democracy with complete freedom for all its citizens as long as they don't try to misuse it. Chinese are bound by their own government in the way that they can't even say anything against their government or wrong about their culture. The government has blocked websites (even Google search has a lot of restrictions); anything that is against government is immediately prohibited.
And come to India you say whatever; even if it’s against government you always enjoy the support of the opposition. It’s a pity that some political groups use this freedom in the worst way.
I'm proud of the freedom that I have over a Chinese who's richer than me, what’s life when you can't even say openly about your own country !
I just guess what would have happened to M.F. hussain if he was born in China ?!

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