guys...!! help me...

so many maals in NITT campus... omg..!! help me !!
i guess this is one thing which seriously made festember worth a FEST to remEMBER.. hehehe.. ;-)
its time when i've seen more gals than cows in our campus...
this edition of festember ... as expected, was truly remarkable. May it be Radio Jockeying or pottery or theatre workshop or the pronite by KK.. everything jus made it better. On the top of that all was food.. CCD stall in the our campus... though they dont have it in trichy, having it in festember I'm sure those CCD guys must have made big money out of it.
And yea how can i forget doing catwalk like a gal on the airtel informals stage. Its a different matter that the guy said that i turned it a lil vulgar... well now dont ask me what women ramp walk is all about... ! :-D
Informals kept janta busy throughout the day and now i guess no one is gonna yell out that festember's chaat. And those who went home thinking that have missed some great moments of their college life. Who's gonna have this all after college?
This is one of those times i feel like ... yea, there MANY other things apart from placements that make this college better than others.
But there's only one thing that i'm afraid about now, how many of these engineering students will actually take up engineering as their career?
I see more painters, dancers, musicians, actors and writers here than technologists!

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