Google's Amazing...!!!!

Sorry ppl..!!
i am a bit late to put up this post ...
but m sure u guys will like it... This is seriously mind blowing..

if somebody tells u google... what r d things that come into ur mind .... ??
Google search, Gmail, Gtalk, Orkut, hi5, google video, youtube, blogger, google reader and many more..
but did u know that google is more than that...
It has much more than just this services for u...
u'll be seriously surprised to chk them all out... They r just amazing...
take a look...

Gmail Paper (free printing service) -

Google free internet service !! -

google drinks ! -

google project -

google secret -

super advanced google search -

Google Romance -

Take a look At them now...!!!!

now if u are asking that why google dint tell u about this services earlier, then this is the reason...

I am sure most of u were still unaware of Google's This Side... ;-)

Google roxx.. isn't it?? and so do i... :-D lol...


Adi Boy said...

hey.. great post.
the google jokes are real killers!
however, gmail itself was launched on april 1st and was intended to be taken as an april fool's joke and the joke was that it was true!

just went through your blogs.. especially liked the one on FFMs. they are silly after all hehe..

am adding u on my blogroll
do send across suggestions if u come across a great site..

Anonymous said...

Hey, landed on your blog, nice stuff. I found a cool new tool for our blogs... It helps get latest news for our keywords directly on to our blog. I added it on mine. Worked like a charm.

Pulkit said...

Hey great work man bhu1... and yeah really loved your google hoaxes thing... you got one that I had missed, chal keep it up... You have just got another regular visitor for yourself ;)